Have your American Archaeologist extract an Artifact from Egypt with a German Archaeologist within 2 tiles.


Brave New World

Open Borders with Egypt


The probability of this happening is very low in normal single player, but thankfully it unlocks in hotseat mode.


Set up a hotseat game with player one as America and player two as Germany. Set one of your AI opponents as Egypt. If you are going after just this achievement, it may be best to start in the Renaissance or later era because the game gets long playing as two civs. The game hopefully will generate antiquity sites either within Egypt's borders or close to them. Once both civs have archeology, you may have to wait for an antiquity site to be within Egypt's borders. When there is one, send archeologists from both civs to it and have the American excavate it.


Pop culture referenceEdit

The achievement references the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana uncovers the ark from within the German's archeological dig site in Tannis.[1]

References and LinksEdit

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