Have any city ransomed by barbarians.



Base Game StrategyEdit


Using barbarian naval units to unlock in the base game.

This can be hard to earn in the base game, because barbarians don't plan their attacks well.  Once they are wounded, they will stop attacking, and they will stop spawning while the wounded unit remains. 

What I've found to work is having a city on a coast.  Barbarian ships eventually appear, and they will attack the city.  Do not fight them, instead let them bombard the city.  Then the barbarian brutes (or later units) can easily ransack the city.  There is an amount of luck involved, but once the ships start attacking, it will be more likely to happen, because the ships won't stop attacking from damage. 

If a barbarian melee unit gets wounded enough, go ahead and kill them so they can spawn a new unit.

In the latest patches, barbarian aggression has increased, likely making this easier to earn. 

In Brave New Worlds, barbarians can pillage improvements to heal themselves, but their galleys don't have a ranged attack. 


Pop Culture ReferenceEdit

This is an altered quote from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  The original line is "Captain Hammer threw a car at my head!"[1]

This is one of two achievements that refer to this movie.

Alternate NameEdit

This achievement is referred as ACHIEVEMENT_REALLY_SUCK in the debug file.

References and LinksEdit

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