Welcome to the Civilization V Achievements WikiEdit

A complete, user-editable guide to Civilization V achievements. Inspired by A Complete Guide to Achievements on CivFanatics.

This guide discusses every achievement, including strategies on how to unlock each one, as well as interesting trivia.

To get started, check out A Complete Guide To Achievements and take a look around.

You may also check out each Civilization to see which achievement can be unlocked with them.

Achievements Requirements and TroubleshootingEdit

Wondering why achievements aren't unlocking?  See this page.

How You Can HelpEdit

The guide needs contributors for articles, strategies, and formatting.  Right now you can help by adding citations and adding and expanding achievement articles using the Achievement Template.

History of The GuideEdit

This guide started as a forum post on Steam, and grew into a full exploration of all of the achievements in the game.  It outgrew Steam as it got longer and more detailed, and found a new home at Civfanatics.  I have explored other ideas on how to publish it to make it easier to read, including an ebook format, and now a wiki version. 

I hope by allowing the community to edit and share in this guide, it can grow into something bigger and better, and I am leaving it in the hands of the community.  The previous version of the guide was long and detailed, but didn't have room to go into strategy and really explore the topics.  It was also harder to read because it was so long.  In this wiki, this is no longer an issue.  I hope this becomes the definitive community resource on achievements, and I hope if you've got something to contribute, you'll share. 

Ragan651 (talk) 19:46, April 24, 2013 (UTC) (Lead Editor/Creator)

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