A letter to all future editors

A letter to all future editors

From Lead Editor/creator Ragan

It's been over a year since I started this project, which became A Complete Guide To Achievements.  It's been a lot of work, and a lot of fun, and it's something I've enjoyed doing.  I think it's helped a lot of people, as much as it's helped me in my quest for achievements. 

So it may seem I'm rather invested in the project, since I've been maintaining the guide for the past year.  And to the extent that I'm proud of the quality of the information and its presentation, I am.  But from the beginning, it was based on the notes and observations of people throughout the various Civ communities.  People whose contributions have grown too numerous to count accurately, all welcome contributions.  This has, to me, always been a community project, limited by my need to edit the material personally. 

In moving to a wiki, I hope to free the guide and allow the community to manage it more directly.  I'll still oversee the editing and try to maintain quality and consistency, but I encourage anyone who knows anything about achievements, or had an interesting strategy or experience to share, to contribute.  Or if nothing else, help with the migration of the original guide by copying it to the proper pages here.  Everything's in place, templates are made, it's just time consuming doing it. 

So that's my request to anyone who reads this.  If you see a red link, make a page for it.  If you know a way to earn an achievement, put it up there.  Don't be afraid to expand the guide.  Give each achievement as much or as little detail as it needs.  And if you aren't sure, use the forum, or the original CivFanatics thread, or talk about it on one of the Civ forums to come to the best conclusion. 

I do ask one more thing, though.  Assume good faith, and keep it civil.  It is Civilization, after all.  If you disagree with an edit, discuss it or live with it.  No edit wars.  The exception of course being vandalism and spam. 

Now I'm looking forward to seeing this take off and grow, and see what kind of strategies and contributions await.  Enjoy the wiki.

Ragan651, Lead Editor.